Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put on a TattooFace?

  • Wash and thoroughly dry skin, making sure it is free of oils and makeup.

  • Have scissors, water, and a damp cloth (not dripping) available.

  • Use scissors to trim outline of face, eyes, nose, and mouth to needed size.

  • Remove clear top sheet, center onto nose, and press onto face with damp cloth.

  • Hold the damp cloth against the back of the transfer, pressing from the nose to the outer edges of the face.  Dampen cloth as needed.

  • Once transfer is released from the paper, remove paper backing completely. Take a wet finger and press down on air pockets and loose areas.

How do I remove a TattooFace?

Lift and slowly peel away.

How do TattooFaces compare to masks, face paint, and makeup?

TattooFaces are easy to apply, fun to wear, and peel right off.  They become a layer of skin and are comfortable on the face....unlike masks that are hot, face paint that is uncomfortable and rubs off, and makeup that is hard to remove.  And the designs look like a professional painted your face!

Are TattooFaces safe for me and my kids?

TattooFaces are made in the USA with FDA approved materials.  They are recommended for kids of all ages over 3 years of age.  Do not use if you or your child is allergic to bandaids and adhesives. 

Can I purchase TattooFaces wholesale for retail or fund raising?

Yes, we sell wholesale to retail accounts.  You can also buy wholesale with a valid tax id and sell them for your organization, school, booster club, etc. Just email us at and we will get you started. 

Are there displays available?

 Yes, we have point of purchase displays available with minimum orders and for purchase.  A counter display is available that holds 24 or more pieces and a floor display is available that holds 48-96 pieces.  Contact us for sell sheets and more information. 

Do you make custom designs?

We have made custom TattooFaces for customers such as Marvel, KISS, Green Hornet, Smurfs, Spiderman, High Schools, Colleges, NFL, and many more.  Some of our faces are used as a promotional product.  We also make custom peel away tattoos for companies that want to have people wearing there logo.  Events such as sporting events, concerts, races, World Cups, Super Bowl and other bowl games, Olympics, fun runs, photo shoots, and parties are great promotion opportunities. 

Do you have a dry apply product that does not require water for application?

Yes, go to to see our entire line of on site application dry apply  FanMask product.  For the event that requires on site application, this is a great product.  Just ask Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks!

Can I be a distributor for the products of The Gameface Company?

We have distributors across the U.S. and around the world.  Contact us by going to and complete the contact information.  

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