About Us

The GameFace Company makes putting on makeup and wearing a mask better than ever!

Founded in 2008 by Doug Marshall in Tyler, Texas. He invented a better way to paint your face. The GameFace Company creates temporary face tattoos and masks that peel off. It's like a layer of skin that you can wear without the mess of facepaint and the discomfort of masks.  

Perfect for Halloween, parties, kids, adults, colleges, anyone or everybody....or face that is. Contact us if you want a custom design for your company or large event. They are great for promotional purposes. Everyone has your company logo on their face! The possibilities are endless!   


Made from FDA approved materials in the good ole USA!  

We’ve never been more pumped and we hope you are too. Our passion for dress up and costumes has driven us; not only to create a product that is fun to wear, but also useful, hypoallergenic, and safe for your kids.

Send us an email or talk to us on Facebook or Twitter so we can make your experience better ...and send us pictures!

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